Methodology for study of policy texts


Most of this site deals with the toolbox for Discourse and Text analysis that I have developed, and the theoretical background for this. However, the toolbox is only one aspect of a large-scale study of texts

In some cases, a study of a text may be all that is required, but at other times a more wide-ranging study of the context might be needed, and I have other tools and techniques at my disposal for this:-

I have carried out a wide-ranging internet survey of some of the organisations and cultural factors at work in the wider 'food arena', and I have described this as a Context Analysis.
I have used an "Aims and Objectives" sample text. This policy is meant to apply to the whole country, but it should not be forgotten it can belooked at from the internal context of the Ministry, the Government, Parliament and the Electoral system. This is a brief Organisational Analysis of the policy, and this analysis could be extended in some circumstances. An example of this is here.
Also, the text can be seen as part of a wide range of discourses about food and food production, and I have examined the Interplay between Discourse and Food Policy. I have begun this for some subtopics here
Finally, I have also looked at UK food policy using a Dispositive Analysis - the dispositive being an idea for an overarching and all-inclusive 3-way system of knowledge - knowledge in discourse, knowledge in events and decisions, and knowledges contained in designs and other objects. An example of this triangulation is given here

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